Inspired by industry legend Tomas Estes, Curado is the world’s first Tequila to be infused with cooked agave.  To make Curado, we begin with a Blanco 100% Tequila from renowned Master Distiller Carlos Camarena as a base, then we infuse the liquid with pieces of cooked agave using our patented process. 

The cooked agave in Curado infusions comes from a variety of regions in Mexico including Jalisco, Oaxaca, and  Michoacan.  Each variety of agave used for the infusion is cooked using the traditional methods of its respective region and imparts a natural color and slight sweetness to Curado.  Salud!


Curado embodies the union of three families: Estes, Camarena and Vantguard.

The inspiration to create the brand originally came from two factors. The first influence came from traditional
Mexican Curados, which is the name given to Pulques infused with natural flavors (Pineapple, Coconut, Coffee beans, etc.).
The second part of our inspiration stemmed from observing the maceration of various spirits undertaken by bartenders across the world, using various spices, herbs and fruits.

The result was Curado, the first Tequila to be infused with cooked Agave. The idea that other Agave varieties could be represented
in this evolved spirit, providing variety and complexity of flavor whilst always respecting the denomination of tequila, is what set us apart


Discover what makes us different

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Brand DNA

We have taken an anthropological approach in our search for knowledge, connecting with and learning from people with generations of wisdom and experience. Our goal: to find the best agave expressions that can fully relate the story of the plant in this new product.


This union embodies the relationship between three families: Estes, Camarena and Vantguard. All of us being originally inspired by the local fermented Agave drink known as “Pulque” and its infusions of natural flavors, “Curado”.


Curado is an innovative product, full of subtle variances that continues to respect the Mexican tradition and culture.

Tasting Notes

We have a tasting notes that range from slightly sweet to vegetable, floral, fruity and spicy.


We harvest the wildest expressions of each type of agave from its place of origin where, once cooked using the respective technique of each particular region, it is then taken to our distillery. Here we infuse it with the best 100% Blue Agave Tequila from the highlands of Jalisco province.


The Alebrije is a magical and fantastical animal that transports us from one world to another and back. They inspired us to create our own series of Alebrijes. Taking into consideration each varietal of agave, we chose to pay homage by showcasing an animal native to that area and bringing them into the magical world of Tequila Curado.



Each variety of Agave is cooked using the technique of each respective region and then taken to Jalisco. There we infuse it in the best 100% Blue Agave Tequila from the Highlands of Jalisco region.

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No Barrel-Aging

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